40158 Pirates Chess (English)
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Author:  Deni [ 28. Feb 2015. 20:10 ]
Post subject:  40158 Pirates Chess (English)

Hello there LEGO community!
I'm glad I have an opportunity to present you, one of the first reviews, of the newest LEGO Chess editon sets. And this time is Pirate themed!
It's the first Pirate Chess set since 2009 and just to give you a clue how that one looked like, here's an image from Brickset:


OK! Let's see what the new one has to offer, shall we?

40158 Pirates Chess
Price: 450 kn (LEGO Store Zagreb, Croatia) = cca. 59,99€
Pieces: 857
Minifigs: 20

Minifig quality: Well, continue to read and find out! :LEGO24:

First, the box:
A very nice box, with a clear yellow background. Really refreshing compared to the other sets in general.
Notice how easy is to keep your figs from dust and to take set a part for space saving purposes.

Here are the numbered bags. Basically Number 1 and 2 for Pirates, Number 3 and 4 for Soldiers. Two booklets.
After building the set by myself, I would suggest building the set with someone, sine each booklet is for different side and the building process is the same.

OK, let's get to business! 10 minifigs per side. Basic bricks but in large quantities, very MOC friendly and (of course) Army build set.

I took following pictures because set doesn't have many unusual parts and just one SNOT build :)

You get a lot of plates. In picture only half of what you get (the other part is the same)

Let's build desert island, first of two "themed" additions to chess board

I'm satisfied that pirates have different torsos, legs and heads. I'm not a big fan of the bandana colors, especially whit ones, but not a major issue.
What I do resent is the lack of a skull head on Captains pirate hat! I really miss it and I don' understand why they didn't print it.
Two alternative faces
There's has been a lot of discussion about Kingdoms Chess minifig quality. I'm happy to say that Pirates Chess has high quality minifigs! :LEGO49:

Let's build the first half of chess board.
Yep, a lot of tiles
These look pretty neat :LEGO70:
And this is how the storage looks like without chess board

And here are the pirates on the board.

Let's get to the other side. Soldiers are next!
Few interesting pieces and a nice way how to build a chess board while sitting on sofa :P

Here are the minifigs. Looking good, but the Captains wife (?) has a old torso and old hair piece. Oh well.. Not a major problem compared to Pirates Captains hat. :LEGO46:
Only 1 alt face

Here are the Soilders ready for mind fight! :LEGO44:

And here is the full set in it's full glory.

Few facts:
This is my first Chess set. I love pirates, but I'm not a army builder. I bought this set cause the price was decent and it looked like the best way to get a stock of pirate minifgs, since I don't have intention buying any of the standards sets.

The set isn't spectacular, but it offers a lot of playability and it's a decent value for your money. The biggest plus is the top quality of the minifigs and a lot of bricks separated in couple of lots. If you need bunch of tiles, this is the set to go with.

What I don't like about this set are the brick build chess figures. None of them doesn't even closely represent the standard look of a chess figures and I think it can get pretty confusing which figure is which once you start playing. Maybe it takes time to ajust, but still.. I would prefer if they were more suggestive.

Building: 2/5 - better in two
Value for money - 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Thank you for sticking till the end!


Author:  Marin [ 28. Feb 2015. 21:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

Hvala ti za recenziju. Žao mi je što se nisi više posvetio dijelovima, odnosno kojih boja i dimenzija tajli dolazi koliko komada.
Slažem se za ne-standardne figure i super su mi velike ploče u setu, ali sumnjam da ću ga nabavljati. :LEGO36:

Author:  Deni [ 28. Feb 2015. 21:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

Samo ploče. Ostalo su 2x2 i, 1x2 i 2x3 u par komada. Boje dbg i tan.. Sve vrijedno spomena sam spomenuo ;)

Author:  Brickman [ 28. Feb 2015. 21:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

E premalo je falilo da ga i ja kupim danas. :LEGO55:
Drugom prilikom :LEGO04:

Author:  roomster_zg [ 01. Mar 2015. 18:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

Zanimljiv set, hvala na recenziji!

Author:  bezki [ 01. Mar 2015. 19:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

hvala na recenziji :) set se uzima prvom prilikom

Author:  spaceman [ 01. Mar 2015. 21:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

ja sam baš razočaran u set. lijepo izgleda, ali 450 kn pametnije potrošim, i korisnije što se lega tiče.

Author:  dudek [ 01. Mar 2015. 21:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

Hvala na trudu Deni. Izgleda fora :LEGO05:

Author:  Hrczs1 [ 02. Mar 2015. 09:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

Koja fora mi je ovo sa zlatnim konjskim glavama, jako..!
Dođe mi da napravim jedan svoj šah.
Nisam na "ti" sa piratskim figurama. Imam ih dovoljno za jedan brod, slijedom čega sam na li-la sa nabavkom.
Al da me potaknulo na produkciju vlastitog šaha.., je...

Author:  Deni [ 02. Mar 2015. 13:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: 40158 Pirates Chess (English)

glave su iz 2009. verzije :LEGO13:

skužio sam da nisam brick build figure slikao pa budem večeras. isprike

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